So…why blog?

I set this place up to give a little home to various  writings that have been floating around notebooks and document folders, as well as those still lying dormant in embryonic form. A personal pledge to actually put some real pressure on myself to keep writing and for that I thought it would be best to have some kind of readership, however small.  Hopefully I can get all these little devils scrubbed up and presentable for the discerning public of cyberspace.

For the moment I would  ask the readers indulgence concerning the disparate nature of upcoming blog entries, since I intend theserpentscircle to a respository for essays, personal anecdotes, commentaries and reviews. If one type becomes numerous enough to merit it, I might open new blogs to house them, but for the time being please excuse the chaotic tone!

A few things about me:

I’m male, 24 years old and originally from Gibraltar, though did my studies in the north of England and now live in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve a long list of short term jobs – translator, archeologist, DJ, museum worker, tour guide, call centre bitch, English teacher, singer, voice-over artist, etc. but nothing that can be called a career.

Interests-wise, I consume vast amounts of goth, punk, metal, industrial and dark avant-guarde/freak music, literature of various different types, and have unshakeable but rarely-indulged delight in a few tabletop roleplaying games.

I have a facebook for people who enjoy reading these kinds of lists in more detail.


~ by theserpentscircle on September 11, 2011.

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