Kiss and Tell

A gentleman never does, so what does that make me? A quick post inspired in part by While I’ve only kissed a comparatively miniscule amount of people, and would like to talk about lovers and relationships in different posts, there are nonetheless a few kisses that stick in the mind as maybe being story-worthy.

1. The first, and my first. I was fifteen, she was a few years older, someone I’d had a crush on for a good long time previously. I’d tentatively befriended her and asked her out, and in the streetlight near my house, the first kiss goodnight. A moment that had only existed in fantasy until then. This was the moment of truth. As tongues slid in, so I entered the world of physically intimate romance. What I had not anticipated in my previous dreams or speculations was the prospect that this rite of passage, like many traditional initiations, would be marked by blood. That’s right. Blood. A few seconds in, the tip of my tongue was seized and held by molars at the back of her mouth and a cruel incisor dragged down the length of my tongue. The salty, vaguely ferrous taste of blood. From the back of the tongue spreading to the front. I really didn’t know what to think…I mean I still enjoyed it, but it was hard not to be freaked out. This wasn’t supposed to happen!

My eyes were closed but opened at some point, and I saw that hers were closed throughout. We disengaged. She looked at me, beautiful and silent and looking pleased. She didn’t say a word about what happened. I was too naive and confused to. We smiled at each other and said our goodnights. My parent’s house was just a few minutes away.

The details of the ill-fated relationship that followed aren’t really relevant. Suffice to say that it was entirely devoid of bloodshed, and the issue was never raised. For all I know it was a complete accident that she was too embarassed to mention. What I wonder about these days is if it has any relation at all to later explorations of pain and blood in an erotic context. Then again, it’s a reasonably common phenomenon without that kind of first kiss. The nature of mine ensures that I’ll always remember it for the element of surprise and poetic foreshadowing, at least.


~ by theserpentscircle on December 22, 2011.

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