Enter the Anus

So here we are in the New Year, an auspicious time to think about where we’re all going, as a society. Now if like myself, one spends a fair amount of time discussing this sort of thing in a kitchen with a feminist blogger, the issue of patriarchy and phallic-saturated society comes up, as nicely illustrated in this xkcd strip:

comic in question

But this raises the question, how shall we move on exactly. One option is of course to replace the phallus’ exalted state with the vagina. It is certainly under-used as a positive symbol, and more respect for the vagina and presence in our culture is something that I’m all for. And although it certainly deserves its time in the spotlight, I think that the vagina is still too potentially exclusive to unite everybody behind it into our glorious future. Besides which, it may already have had its long day back from prehistoric times of cave dwellers and earth mothers.

Perhaps it’s time for something new. As we dispose the penis from its conceptual throne, it may be that we don’t have to look to far for a new idol. A friendly neighbour to both penis and vagina that everyone can (ahem) get behind.

you know where I'm going with this

Man, woman, animals of all shapes and sizes, we’ve all got one. That’s right, gentle readers. If the title wasn’t enough of a giveaway, you can see where I’m going with this:

Welcome to the age of the asshole. This isn’t just about inclusivity though. It works on so many levels. In this current climate of economic disaster and political fracas, I think that we can all agree that our civilisation is in the shit here, and that the people in the top political and financial positions that are giving us this crap are assholes, and very full of shit indeed. The asshole is currently the most celebrated and successful personality type in the system and I think that we should acknowledge that.

But I don’t really want to focus on the negative. For example, in Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, the anal expulsive personality is associated with egoism, exhibitionism, chaos and an artistic temperament. Basically, they want to show you the shit that comes out of them. This struck me as a pretty good description of the tumblr generation, as social networking, easy video hosting and blogging allow everyone to fully express their artistic/exhibitionist/attention whorish tendencies.

The genitals are symbols of reproduction fertility but only between our species. The arse is linked to growth, change and renewal but in a much more profound way, regarding our relationship with the earth and the creatures we share it with. We ingest food and when we excrete, we give back to the earth and the soil, nourishing the food that all other living things depend on. Should the anus replace the phallus, it would not just be a step towards equality between genres, but a sign of community with all life.

For the bold, the anus is still a symbol of rebellion, transgression. Many repressive regimes and religions attempt to limit access to it or what it can be used for. It is a political prisoner that must be freed.

So my friends, let us bend over and embrace our anus. Embrace other people’s anuses. Stroke and spank them a little (by all means become more intimate with them, but make sure they have washed previously). Our future lies united down a single brown hole.


~ by theserpentscircle on January 9, 2012.

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  1. Dude, you sure know how to lure people into your an… blog post 😛

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