mermaid vs squid

‘So, I have a friend who is a mermaid, and you have a friend who is a squid’.

Says the young girl to the boy as I stride further into the sea. The water’s not too cold, but I’m getting up to that awkward point around my navel that always makes me shudder a bit. I pass the children and fight the urge to turn around and tell that girl how amazing she is. Because I don’t enjoy the sea like that anymore. But I used to. My friends don’t have time to swim with me and even when they do we talk about grownup crap that has nothing to do with making the most of our fun in the water. I don’t want to interrupt these kids with my nostalgia, but swim on, lost in a reverie of past fantasies and play from the many summers spent under the waves.

And yet, for all the beauty of that moment, I can’t help but feel that the boy got the raw end of the deal.

I mean, squid are cool and everything, but I think we all know which one we’d have, given the choice.


~ by theserpentscircle on October 15, 2015.

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