Kazakhstan Part 4 – Hiking and Horses

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Part 1 – Arrival

Part 2- Almaty

Part 3- Charyn

Part 5-Altyn Emel

Part 6- Homecoming

Another picture heavy, words-light post before the next adventure story. A small hike up the mountains by Almaty got off to a slow start thanks to the opacity of the city bus lines. But just before you get to the Medeu ski resort area, there’s a hiking path up though hilly countryside area that makes me envy the city’s residents, living as they do in a metropolis with such quick access (once you know which bus to take anyway) to some lovely scenery.

The way is almost all uphill, all the time, but there’s always a place to rest, we spent half a day walking up this mountain and back the way we came, along the way we saw young people picnicking, some artists sketching, and quite a few loggers, either sitting around on their break or driving trucks full of lumber down to the city. And of course, plenty of animals, especially horses.
















~ by theserpentscircle on June 11, 2016.

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  1. great post

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