TSS Status 2016

I’m not dead, readers, although it might look like it from the blogging side of things. It’s been a hell of a year in pop culture deaths and geopolitical upheavals, but for me personally it’s also been a chaotic ride, punctuated by instability and recurring crises in my lovelife and career.

This year I’ve been a full time student, freelance writer, translator and unlikely startup guru. Not that some of that hasn’t been good blog fodder, but it was tough to find moments where I could sit and write everything down. Good news is, now I’m writing full time for a living.

Five days a week I’m in the office writing about videogames for nowloading.co. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s been really great both for tapping my gaming habit as  vein for creativity, and getting to dig deeper into the industry and culture of gaming as a whole.

I haven’t given much of an indication of my nerdy side on this blog, but it’s very evident on powerwordkill, theserpentscircle’s geeky little brother.

Thing is, between work, freelance projects, non-blog writing and actually having a life, it’s tough not feel too burned out to post here on TSS when I find myself having the time.

I’m keeping TSS up for those times when I feel like I really, really need to sound off about something that isn’t going to get published professionally.

Hopefully when I get settled into a new routine in 2017, we’ll see a return to more frequent updates on here.



~ by theserpentscircle on December 4, 2016.

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